#17 Medical Mythbusters: Medicinal Cannabis

The GP Show

15-11-2017 • 35 minutos

Welcome to the first of a new segment I am trying out every now and then.  I review the theory and science behind controversial topics and rate it - confirmed, busted or plausible.

I have had a lot of requests to cover medicinal cannabis, so here it is.  There is some really interesting science here, but it is still early days.  In this episode we cover:

What is medicinal cannabis?

How does it work?

What conditions can it be used in and what is the level of evidence?

What are the side effects?

What forms does it come in?

What is the cost to the patient?

How do you apply for it?

What don’t we know about it?

If you don't agree with me for what ever reason - don't be a hater!  Just let me know - peacefully!


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