Fighting on Two Fronts

Documentary on Newstalk

31-05-2023 • 44 minutos

During a recent period of unrest in the troubled Palestinian territories producer Brian Kenny travelled to meet those Palestinian women who are suffering both under the Israeli occupation and in a deeply patriarchal society. In the Hebron hills, we hear from a community denied access to their lands, education, and in some cases electricity. We hear how one strong woman rose up against all the odds facing down the IDF and illegal settlers to build a school ensuring the education of future generations. In the Gaza strip, described by one resident as an open prison, the community workers tell us about the daily struggles facing its inhabitants but primarily how it is the women that suffer the most, be it through a lack of access to education and rule over their own lives, or living in daily fear of Israeli attacks. "Fighting on Two Fronts" showcases the struggles and triumphs of these women, highlighting their determination to fight for their rights and make a difference in their communities. From organizing protests at great personal risk to campaigning in their communities’ Palestinian women are often at the forefront of a difficult struggle for justice. Fighting on two Fronts was produced and edited by Brian Kenny ( with the aid of funding from the BAI’s Sound and Vision programme. Voice over and translation by Dina Al Jaro.