Citizen Science

Documentary on Newstalk

22-05-2023 • 45 minutos

Across Ireland, people are doing exciting and important science, even though they didn’t train as scientists. They are documenting sightings of birds and insects, of lizards and newts. They are playing games that improve our understanding of the human mind, mapping meteors across our solar system, and testing the water in our rivers and streams. They are even helping unearth our history at archaeological dig sites. In this programme, we explore the field of ‘citizen science’, we find out about the projects people are contributing to, and we discover how it is improving our understanding of science. Citizen Science, was produced by Shaun & Maurice (aka science communicator Shaun O'Boyle and artist Maurice Kelliher) and was funded by a grant from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee. ‘Citizen Science’ features: ● Jonathan Mackey from DIAS Dunsink Observatory ● Susan Hegarty from the DCU Water Institute ● Claire Gillen from Neureka ● Kieran Flood from The Irish Wildlife Trust ● Tara Adcock from Birdwatch Ireland ● Graeme Warren and Conor McDermott from UCD School of Archaeology