Akashic Healing Sacral Chakra Meditation in Note D | Deep Creative Flow Meditation | Remove Blocks and Align Sacral Chakra

Akashic Healing | Reiki | Meditations

24-08-2022 • 20 minutos

Welcome to Akashic Healing | Reiki | Meditation with Tia Marie
This episode is to help open your creative flow and release any blockages you might be having in your Sacral chakra, while also helping to realign and balance it. Using Akashic Healing and Reiki I tap into the Akashic Records to deliver you this peaceful and rejuvenating healing session. All you need to do to receive it is accept it.

Akashic Healing and Reiki are both very gentle forms of energy healing. Please always make sure you are under the care of a physician for any health issues you might be having, this does not serve as a substitute. This healing makes a great complement to holistic and allopathic care.

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