EP 23 - how to be a coachable athlete

Overall Package Podcast

27-03-2023 • 56 minutos

EP 23 - how to be a coachable athleteIs it your coach, or is it you?Sometimes it's not so much about what your coach can do for you but what you can do for your coach.In this episode the girls dive into the topic of what makes a “coachable” athlete! Gabby shares from a self coached perspective while Alison and Ashley discuss their experiences as athletes who have been coached, as well as coached athletes to stage. Do you think you are a coachable athlete? Tune in to find out the girls’ opinions on this topic! You can find us on most platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. Find us on Instagram: @overallpackagepodcast @alisonannefitness @gabriellefoglietta @ashtronautt_fit