EP 32 - to push or to pull, that is the question..

Overall Package Podcast

06-06-2023 • 48 minutos

EP 32 - to push or to pull, that is the questionWhether you’re coached or self coached, deep in prep or in offseason: how do you know if you need to push harder or pull back to get the best results?The girls approach this topic from their different phases of their bodybuilding journeys and look at many factors such as energy levels, pump or lack thereof, sleep, mood, pain/inflammation and overall how your physique is looking! You don’t want to miss this topic if you’ve been unsure about whether your body needs to push harder to get results or possibly could benefit more from pulling back. You can find us on most platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. Find us on Instagram: @overallpackagepodcast @alisonannefitness @gabriellefoglietta @ashtronautt_fit