EP 35 - we're baaaack! (season two!)

Overall Package Podcast

25-10-2023 • 47 minutos

SZN 2 EP 1 - WE’RE BACK!!We’re back! Did you miss us?In this first episode back, catch up with Gabby , Ashley and Alison to see what they have been up to the past couple months (including a couple of exciting show days for Gabby!).Whether you’ve been along for the journey or are listening to OPP for the first time, thank-you for listening in and get hyped for all that’s coming with the new and improved season two!You can find us on most platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. Find us on Instagram: @overallpackagepodcast @alisonannefitness @gabriellefoglietta @ashtronautt_fit