Higher Perspectives: Biohacking, Our Daily Wellness Routine & Weird Shit We Do For Our Health

Mentally Fit with Jonathan Stinner

28-07-2022 • 46 minutos

Sharing some of the weird shit we do every single day for our health! We’ve implemented alot of changes to optimize our wellness over the years, and while these now seem normal to us, we realize not everyone does these things.

Most of the weird shit we do falls under the category of BIOHACKING!

We talk about:

  • optimizing sleep quality
  • circadian rhythm & ideal lighting
  • energy hacks during the work day
  • our morning wellness routine
  • our evening wellness routine
  • shows we’re currently watching
  • and more!

Sleep Music Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4fGEcoeUNbGpX7typdPRLy?si=sApn5VB7QsmFgyrBZACO7w

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