Higher Perspectives: The Biggest Myths That Lead To Burnout & Unhappiness For Ambitious Entrepreneur

Mentally Fit with Jonathan Stinner

18-08-2022 • 34 minutos

These tips are only for you if you value your health and wellbeing LONG-TERM, while being successful in multiple areas of your life, without hitting burnout.

If you only care about external achievements, without true fulfillment, and are willing to sacrifice your health and happiness, then this episode is not for you (unless you're willing to hear another perspective that may free you... just sayin')

In this episode we chat about:

  • 3 BIG myths in "hustle culture"
  • why these lead to burnout & unhappiness
  • you CAN have it all (health, happiness, success)
  • levels of consciousness
  • where true happiness comes from
  • the shadow side of being an achiever

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