Ep 13 Meeting Your Child Where They are at Developmentally, Having Realistic Expectations, and Remembering Receptive Language Skills: Interview with Racheal

The Talking Toddler Coach|Speech & Language Development, Parent Education, Toddler Activities, Developmental Milestones

05-02-2024 • 22 minutos

You are in for a treat!  This is my first interview and it's with my friend and fellow Speech Language Pathologist, Racheal.  She has a wealth of knowledge and shares some golden nuggets in this episode.  Learn the importance of meeting toddlers where they’re at developmentally to help them develop communication, what could be hindering communication opportunities, raising expectations for our kiddos, and how to partner with your speech therapist and the importance of honesty between parent and clinician.  Stick around to the end for her Talking Tip.  It's excellent and quite honestly, it’s not something we’ve talked about enough on this podcast up to this point.

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