The Stone of Destiny (Season Two Finale)


23-12-2020 • 59 minutos

On Christmas Eve 1950, a daring heist took place inside of Westminster Abbey in London. Four students from Glasgow embarked on an opportunity to return an ancient relic to Scotland. Led by Ian Hamilton, an ambitious law student, the Stone of Scone, also known as the Stone of Destiny, would be returned to Scotland for the first time in 650 years. But what is the stone all about and what where did it come from? In the season two finale, I interview the man behind the plan, Ian Hamilton himself, to get a first hand account of this incredible story of Scottish patriotism and bravery. With Scottish Independence surging in the polls, what does the Stone mean for us today?

Interviews with:

  • Ian Hamilton QC, at 95 years old, Ian spent his life as a lawyer in Scotland after stealing the stone back for the Scots in 1950
  • Dr Fiona Watson, historian specialising in medieval Scotland
  • Alistair Moffat, historian and prolific writer on Scottish history
  • William Stormont, member of the Murray family that owns Scone Palace and the surrounding estate, home of the original Stone of Destiny

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