Who was Peter the Moor?


16-12-2020 • 57 minutos

How long have people of African descent been a part of Scottish history? It's a question that brings with it surprising answers, and opens up the discussion of why we still deal with racism in Scotland and the UK today. In this episode I take a look at people of African descent throughout our history, starting with Peter the Moor - a courtier in court of James IV of Scotland...in the early 16th century. Who was Peter the Moor, and what can his story teach us about racism in Scotland today and in our past?

Interviews in this episode:

  • Dr Miranda Kaufmann, historian and author of Black Tudors: The Untold Story
  • Lisa Williams, research fellow at Edinburgh University, founder of the Edinburgh Caribbean Association, and Black History tour guide in Edinburgh
  • Dr Onyeka Nubia, historian, author, and playwright

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