Pleasure in Evolution

Sprinkle Sparkle

12-10-2022 • 1 hora 8 minutos

Entrepreneurship can be exhausting. You have to run your business but also you have to run your life. It can be hard to find time for pleasure. For Kishya Hayden, it was meeting her own family’s needs that eventually lead to her business. “My children had eczema really bad, especially my girls” she tells host Nubia Bennett. And she says the product their doctor prescribed wasn’t really helping, and worse, it was changing the kids’ skin color. “The products they give are not necessarily for black skin,” she says. She started looking into butters and oils, “especially from Africa,” and finally hit on a combination that helped, and even the doctor was surprised. It was the beginning of her company, Naturally Me. “That was my leap,” she says. “That is my biggest pleasure, really.” Kishya talks to Nubia about how she identified what really matters to her and how knowing that directly affected her business. Listen in and get ready for a little Sprinkle Sparkle!