Pleasure as Access

Sprinkle Sparkle

26-10-2022 • 1 hora 11 minutos

Capitalistic definitions of self-care always involve spending money. Get a massage. Get your hair done. By yourself something nice. Treat yourself. And that might be part of pleasure for today’s guest but it’s not the whole story. Dr. JaBani Bennett is an artist and arts advocate, a scholar, an award-winning arts education consultant and more. And she’s host Nubia Bennett’s sister.  They explore what pleasure meant in their family growing up, and what it means to them now. And for JaBani, that means access, and equity. “My right to quality health care, quality education, quality housing, quality food, access to an array of aesthetics,” she says. “When it comes to widespread equity work that transcends industry, that looks at all different parts of where we are in our humanity on this earth, that has been missed.” Listen in and get ready for a little Sprinkle Sparkle!