Breaking Down the Little Things That Separate Good Players from Great Players

The Coach Hammer Podcast

29-09-2020 • 31 minutos

Josh Hammer & Matt Caselli (Co-Host) break open the conversation of what separate "Good" Players from "Great" Players.

-5 P's

-Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

-Be a Sponge

-Work Ethic: Hammer & Caselli urge young athletes to prioritize work ethic above everything else. He says, "Prepare every way possible physically and mentally. Then you can just go out and play the game the way you know how, and have fun doing it.

-Train Smart

-Be okay with Failure: breeds a learning opportunity

-Never let the stage get to big

-No Shortcuts on workouts

-Great players don't get to where they are without putting in the time and effort to earn it.