Learning the Ropes Ep. 011 with Josh Hammer & Tobin Costen (feat. Dr. Howard Beatty)

The Coach Hammer Podcast

18-05-2020 • 27 minutos

Cyber Security: The Beginning of a Paradigm Shift (feat. Dr. Howard Beatty)

✅Dr. Howard Beatty- Program Coordinator for Health Information Concentration

About the episode: ENTER THE MATRIX! No, this time we are not talking Neo and Morpheus from the critically acclaimed trilogy "The Matrix," we are talking about the critical realities we are facing around cyber security. 🎤 🚨We uncover a journey of a notable guest who serves as a Program Coordinator for Health Info. Concentration. We learn about an incredible journey from a wonderful gentleman who persevered through insurmountable obstacles, making his passion a reality, and now he is making an impact in the healthcare environment and in the classroom by growing future leaders.

Tobin Costen & Josh Hammer learn the ropes about how essential to be informed around "virtual care" and produce good habits around cyber security ! Our goal in this episode is to spread awareness about cyber security and protecting information. We had the unique opportunity to not only debunk myths regarding cyber security, but we also gained incredible insight on tangible ways to best practice taking care of our devices. EVERYone needs to make practicing safe cyber security even more now being in the climate we are currently in during these perplexing times.

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