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I am Camille Bataillon, clinical sexologist. In this podcast, I want to give you la crème de la crème in sexology. With my guests or on my own, we will reflect together on sexuality, human relationship and every aspect of intimacy to give you the best of sex educationI hope to inspire you in your intimacy and put some glitter in your sexuality. Alors, bienvenue !

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Erika Lust : Reinventing Porn
Erika Lust : Reinventing Porn
Erika Lust made her first participation in a French Podcast to talk about sex education and how she reinvented porn.I had the honor to have her as my guest!0-3min : Intro + anecdote3-7m48 : Who is Erika Lust ?8m16 : What turns you on doing the work you do ? 12m : the three mission of Erika14m49 : the porn conversation18m50 : The conversation we need to have with our kids about porn20m33 : Erika’s dog22m30 : the lack of skills to connect25m 55 : How Erika Works28m50 : Money shot (ejaculation) 32m54 : The place of older people in porn40m17 : Why should sexologists recommend ethic porn movies to their clients?48m13 The responsibility of the consumers 50m30 : to change the system, we have to talk to the men53m53 : what Erika want to say to French people ?"Porn is a mass media, it's transmetting messages and if we don't help our children understand and breakdown those messages, they will have to learn about sex from these online porn tubes."Find more about Erika Lust :Erika lust bloghttps://thepornconversation.org/ : The Porn Conversation is a non-profit project by Erika Lust that offers free and easily accessible tools for families and educators to talk to young people about sex - beginning with the topic of porn literacy.Ressources :An article I wrote on Linkedin in 2017 about "Post-Porn"Mon compte instagram : @camilleparlesexe  -/- mon site internet : www.camillebataillon.com-------------------------🧡-----------------------------------🛎️ Pour ne louper aucun épisode, abonnez-vous à Camille Parle Sexe Podcast à la newsletter🧡 Vous souhaitez me partager votre avis ? Dîtes-moi ce que vous avez pensé de cet épisode sur mon compte instagram camilleparlesexe :)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Laissez dès à présent des étoiles, des coeurs sur votre plateforme d’écoute pour que d’autres personnes puissent bénéficier de l’écoute !Visuel by Laforet Designer -/- Crédit musique : Titre Make It So https://www.purple-planet.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
Justine Ang Fonte : your Friendly Ghostwriter
Justine Ang Fonte : your Friendly Ghostwriter
Justine Ang Fonte, Master of education, Master of Public Health  is the child of Philippine immigrants and award-wining intersectional sex & health educator, public speaker, consultant, and professor based in New York City. On Instagram, she's known as "Your Friendly Ghostwriter" composing the texts you avoid sending about setting your boundaries.In this episode, Justine explain why boundaries should be part of our daily lives. How do you set boundaries in your love life, at work, or in your family? Justine answers all the questions. And most importantly, her message is simple: consent is the basis of communication between two or more people. So that relationships can be mutually respectful, appropriate and caring from the start. Key points : Definition of a friendly GhostwriterHow to set boundaries in the early stages of dating and why is it so hard to set boundaries?Why do women have to set boundaries more often than men?How to get to know a person’s boundaries before a "quickie"What’s wrong with ghosting in dating context Why are boundaries so important?Are there any situations where it's ok to ghost?My guest :_good.byes_ Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/imjustineaf/?hl=frJustine Ang Fonte’s websiteResources :Le consentement sexuel expliqué à travers une tasse de théhttps://amaze.org/https://sexpositivefamilies.com/about/@camilleparlesexe  www.camillebataillon.comhello@camillebataillon.com-------------------------🧡-----------------------------------Visual by Laforet DesignerCrédit musique : Titre Make It Sohttps://www.purple-planet.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.