Justine Ang Fonte : your Friendly Ghostwriter

A Frenchie Talks about Sex

07-11-2022 • 39 minutos

Justine Ang Fonte, Master of education, Master of Public Health  is the child of Philippine immigrants and award-wining intersectional sex & health educator, public speaker, consultant, and professor based in New York City. On Instagram, she's known as "Your Friendly Ghostwriter" composing the texts you avoid sending about setting your boundaries.

In this episode, Justine explain why boundaries should be part of our daily lives. How do you set boundaries in your love life, at work, or in your family? Justine answers all the questions. And most importantly, her message is simple: consent is the basis of communication between two or more people. So that relationships can be mutually respectful, appropriate and caring from the start.

Key points :

  • Definition of a friendly Ghostwriter
  • How to set boundaries in the early stages of dating and why is it so hard to set boundaries?
  • Why do women have to set boundaries more often than men?
  • How to get to know a person’s boundaries before a "quickie"
  • What’s wrong with ghosting in dating context
  • Why are boundaries so important?
  • Are there any situations where it's ok to ghost?

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