TSSL - Episode 9 - When to Apologize & Having a Great Vibe ;D

The Social Skills Lab

09-08-2020 • 19 minutos

Sometimes you just F-up and have to apologize. If you aren't messing up then you aren't pushing yourself hard enough, so it's kind of a two way street. So this week we cover apologizing for when you miss the mark. Just make sure you aren't one of those people who apologize for every little thing. That can be annoying. We also go a little deeper into having a 'Good Vibe' because when you have a good vibe then you conversations go so much better than if you are putting off zero vibe. It's basically having a cool energy about you and it helps when you are in a playful and fun mood!!

I always appreciate any support ; D



Thank you!! - Nathan.  : D

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