Intuition and Mindfulness

Black Woman Be Whole Podcast

06-09-2022 • 1 hora 7 minutos

Join Marquia, Kim, and Ednesha as they talk about the importance of mindfulness!

Since COVID has hit you may or may not have noticed a big shift in folks focusing on spirituality. Folks have been leaning heavily into different forms of spirituality or religion or a higher power to make it through all the changes we’ve been navigating these last few years.

Intuition has always been called a trait unique to women and today we’re going to talk about using that intuition to guide you as you navigate life. By definition, intuition is “the ability to understand something, immediately without the need for conscious reasoning” When you lean into your intuition, you learn to trust yourself more and when you trust yourself you can help alleviate a lot of stress that comes with anxiety and depression.

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