Shiny new sponsors, community and knowing yourself - Actors Coaching International


25-02-2022 • 35 minutos

Actors Matthew Philip Harris and Christian Lee Smith are back InTheRoom for a second series. This week discussing the changes made to the podcast and giving a teaser of what's to come in the months ahead. Arguably the most important change for this series is the introduction of a sponsor; the wonderful team at Actors Coaching International. ''A revolutionary way of working, an exciting community and sanctuary for actors.'' In this preview episode Matthew speaks to the founders of ACI, Danny Steele and Daniel Dresner about their school. From the idea and ethos to the structure of the work and plans for the future.

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Actors Matthew Philip Harris and Christian Lee Smith, want to try and answer the question “how do I get in the room?”

While it’s a multifaceted question they believe every creative can find their answer. They hope to do this for themselves and their audience.

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