Stop Over-drinking and Start Living, Episode 040, Mastermind Lessons Part 3, Massive Action

Stop Over-drinking and Start Living

02-10-2019 • 16 minutos

Corrine Crabtree, certified master coach and the host of Losing 100lbs with Phit and Phat, presented at our annual Mastermind meeting.  She spoke about massive action and what is required to reach your goals. She asked us to identify in one of two categories: Big Ass Action people or Half Ass Action people. Big ass action people think a little about their goal, and they start thinking about all the things to try and do and planning when they will do it and then they do what they planned. Half ass action people think obsessively about goals, spend a lot of time reading and researching but little time is spent on what they will do or planning what they will do and actually doing it. Tune in to see how you can step into big ass action to reach your goals to stop over-drinking. - Massive Action Blog.

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