24. How to Actually Start Working With Your Gene Keys (From 3 VERY different women)


06-12-2023 • 1 hora 47 minutos

Today we're coming at you with a very practical episode!

TJH Co-hosts, Madelyn Dabb and Meghan Deinhard join Hayley on today's episode to bring you behind the curtain on their initial Gene Keys experiences and how they went from overwhelm and understanding hardly anything, to transforming the entire fabric of their lives!

This is a very practical episode for those of you who are newer to the Gene Keys. If you would like to tune into a beginners guide to The Gene Keys and find out more about what they are, head back to episode 5.

In this conversation you will hear about 3 very different experiences with the Gene Keys from 3 very different women! It is our hope that this episode helps to demystify some barriers around working with the Gene Keys and makes your transformation feel much more accessible!

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