The Art of Using AI to Search for Health Information

Dr. Pepper....Really?

23-03-2024 • 8 minutos

Using the AI tool, the Metabolic Mentor at, Dr. Gary Pepper demonstrates his methods for searching for high quality health information. After 40 years as a practicing endocrinologist and 25 years as an internet pioneer, Dr. Pepper is highly qualified to provide guidance in what can be a surprisingly complex and confusing task.   In this first tutorial he asks the Mentor to provide information about a common metabolic disorder, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. At the same time,  Dr Pepper's editorial comments provide much needed insight into the interpretation of the results provided by the AI agent. Viewers are encouraged to recommend subjects for upcoming tutorials on other metabolic issues, in the comment section of the video or by email to

Gary Pepper, M.D., a newly retired endocrinologist with 40 years of experience, brings clarity to numerous topics within the field of metabolic health. His view points are unhindered by corporate interests, unlike many other current "thought leaders" in medicine. Dr. Pepper, a dedicated educator, established his homebase website www.metabolism.comin 1996 and has blogged on important topics since then. Not one to be left behind by technology he began podcasting in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic and continues publishing vlogs on YouTube at his channel metabolism123. So whatever your choice in media, you will be gaining fresh insights by tuning in to his opinionated shows or reading his blogs on critical health topics.