Metformin: An Undercover Miracle Drug?

Dr. Pepper....Really?

02-01-2024 • 13 minutos

The Dr. Pepper..Really Podcast. Embark on a journey with Dr. Gary Pepper, a newly retired endocrinologist with 40 years of experience, as he demystifies Metformin, a drug hailed by many but not all  as a miracle in the diabetes community . From its historical roots to modern-day benefits and misconceptions, Dr. Pepper unravels the science behind Metformin's efficacy, side effects, and cost-effectiveness. This insightful podcast is a must for anyone curious about or managing type 2 diabetes, offering clear, accessible knowledge backed by decades of clinical and research expertise. Dive into this engaging exploration to understand why Metformin might just be the most valuable ally in your health arsenal.

Gary Pepper, M.D., a newly retired endocrinologist with 40 years of experience, brings clarity to numerous topics within the field of metabolic health. His view points are unhindered by corporate interests, unlike many other current "thought leaders" in medicine. Dr. Pepper, a dedicated educator, established his homebase website www.metabolism.comin 1996 and has blogged on important topics since then. Not one to be left behind by technology he began podcasting in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic and continues publishing vlogs on YouTube at his channel metabolism123. So whatever your choice in media, you will be gaining fresh insights by tuning in to his opinionated shows or reading his blogs on critical health topics.