Grow Do It with Charlie McGee

Practical Changemakers: A Carbon Positive Story

27-11-2022 • 36 minutos

Charlie McGee is a songwriter, ukulele player, permaculture designer, and founder of the world-renowned ecological funk/swing band, Formidable Vegetable.

His music has since made it into the United Nations Hall of Fame (who acclaimed Formidable Vegetable for writing about the 'important issues of our time') as well as making it onto the stages at Glastonbury alongside acts such as Ed Sheeran, Tame Impala and The Rolling Stones.

Join him in this inspiring chat as he reminds us that a lot of the problems we face could be avoided if we just use less.

To Learn on how we use Permaculture Principles across our organisation and our planting projects, click here!

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