004: “All In” Mentality with The Law

Decypher Culture Cast

08-11-2023 • 47 minutos

Welcome back to Decypher, the spellbinding Culture Cast that unravels the enigmatic world of breakdance, serving up precious insights and inspiration for dancers, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike. In this exhilarating episode, your hosts Benji B and Tydal sit down with National Breaking Team Member, Lawrence Bernal, aka The Law, for an energetic conversation you won't want to miss.

Recently announced as a member of the prestigious National Breaking Team for Australia, Law has been making noise in the breaking community, locally and abroad. We caught up with Law after his recent trip Overseas for his first WDSF Event and a few other jams he was able to hit along the way.

Decypher delves deep into the heart of The Law’s journey, exploring the passion and dedication that fuel his success. We touch on “The All In’ Mentality and the sacrifices he’s made to come this far. From his early beginnings to mastering the craft that has now earned him a place on the National Team, Lawrence shares his insights, struggles, and triumphs with a candid openness that is sure to inspire and captivate listeners.

So, tune in to Decypher we decodes the essence of breaking culture, unleashing the wisdom of Hip Hop through the extraordinary journey of The Law. Join the hosts, Benji B and Tydal, as they guide you through this riveting conversation and unveil the magic that lies within the world of breaking.

Get ready to be inspired and enlightened as you unlock the treasure trove of hip hop culture on Decypher!