58 Animals as our teachers: Kate Neligan

Humans and Earth

12-02-2024 • 57 minutos

Kate Neligan is an equine-partnered life and business coach, healer, and animal communicator who is devoted to the human-animal bond. Kate pairs her intuitive gifts with those of horses and goats to help people access their own inner power and life purpose. She works with both high-performing women and companies in developing mindful cultures through team-building and leadership retreats. Kate has a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is certified in equine experiential education. She is the creator of Awakening With Equines, a first-if-its kind certification program for equine-partnered facilitators, and an Awakening With Equines card deck that highlights horse wisdom qualities. Find her at www.kateneligan.com

Tune in to hear Kate discuss:

  • What it’s like to experience animal-partnered coaching.
  • How horses, donkeys, and goats offer us unique types of support, including energy work.
  • The higher way for us to treat animals and how we can dismantle speciesism and outgrow old patterns of domination of animals.
  • How animals and plants are waiting for our next-level collaboration.

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