42 Blissipline for Thriving on Earth with Karen Lorre

Humans and Earth

07-10-2022 • 58 minutos

Karen Lorre helps people release unconscious blocks so they can have priceless results. She is the best-selling author of three books, Chronic Pleasure, Effortless Enchantment, and Chronic Pleasure in Relationships. Karen’s work has been endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and Gay Hendricks. She has had a lifelong interest in epigenetics, neuroscience, health, and spirituality. Karen is also an actress who has done over a thousand hours of TV, films and commercials. Earlier in her life, Karen went through intense emotional and physical challenges that doctors could not seem to heal. This led her to discover ways to transform her fatigue and pain into vibrant energy and chronic pleasure. She now lives a life of magnetism and miracles and teaches others how to do the same. You can access her books for free at https://www.karenlorrecoaching.com/book-downloads

Hear Karen discuss:

  • How she went from feeling that the world was too troubled for her to want to stay in it, to realizing that a focus on problems holds them in our reality.
  • Her discovery that when you are solutions-focused, you continually encounter people who are bringing next-level solutions to the world and you see how you can contribute.
  • Her exploration of sustainable and regenerative agriculture’s benefits and how she supports local farmers.
  • How Blissipline took her out of serious chronic illness to her current state of thriving, joy, and mentoring others. “Blissipline creates a momentum” that lets you create from your desire rather than responding to the world from worry or fear.
  • The best contributions arise out of love. People think worry and stress lead to creativity, but actually, if you’re feeling good, that’s when your opportunities appear. “I think, I love this planet. I love nature and want to support it any way that I can. I love seeing nature thriving.” And as you focus in this way, opportunities for your contribution become clear.
  • How you can choose to be influenced by either the world’s ‘bad news’ or ‘good news,’ and how this affects your brain’s reticular activating system, your neuroplasticity, and your perceptions of life.
  • What to do if this kind of conversation doesn’t feel ‘realistic’ to you.

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