51 Do You Feel Blocked from Contributing?

Humans and Earth

31-03-2023 • 29 minutos

  • What does it mean to you to contribute to regeneration for people and planet?
  • Are you contributing in the ways you want to?
  • And are you thriving at the level you desire?
  • How can you translate what our podcast speakers say into your own life so that you and Earth both benefit?

In this episode, I talk about the importance of letting go of the blocks that prevent us from making the contributions we desire to make in the world. I share some of what I’ve learned about how resolving trauma and claiming your authenticity affect your readiness to offer your talents or compassion to the world.

This matters because your individual transformations impact planetary healing.

Your transition beyond what’s blocking you can be a collaboration with global transformations occurring for humanity and the natural world.

Your healing or upleveling is part of humanity’s healing and upleveling.

I also talk about the new Guide to Healing: Resources for Self-Empowerment now available on the Humans & Earth website.

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