All About Ghosting ft. Jaci Mosby, M.A.

Just Between You & Me

22-01-2023 • 56 minutos

In today's episode, we welcome our first guest. Today Jaci M. and I will be talking about ghosting as well as our personal experiences with ghosting. Ghosting is something that people don't often think about because of how common it's become with social media and dating platforms. It's important to talk about it because ghosting can have lasting effects on the ghosted.

We will be tackling the following questions in this episode:

- What is ghosting?

- What are the signs of ghosting?

- How might ghosting affect the ghosted?

- Why do people choose to ghost?

- How do you heal from being ghosted?

- How do you heal from being the ghoster?

...and many more.

If you are struggling with the lasting effects of ghosting, please don't hesitate from reaching out to a counselor or therapist for support. It's important to do all that you can to heal from past relationship experiences so that you don't become the ghoster.

I hope this episode is educational as well as enjoyable. If you would like to contact me or to stay updated outside of the podcast you can follow my podcast Instagram account at @justbetweenyouandme.pod. You can also follow our podcast guest, at @lena_jamesjr.