S1E4 - Remember It’s Halftime

Open Your Eyes with McKay Christensen

17-05-2021 • 26 minutos

We all fail. In fact, life is made up of a series of attempts and failures. The problem is that many of us let failure define us. We get stuck--unable to shake loose the failure and returning to it again and again, in our thoughts, in our future choices and behavior.

In this week’s episode, McKay explains the 3 truths in life that can lead to a new identity, and a healthy way to think about failing in life. He also offers steps to follow in learning from your mistakes, and, as always, offers some illustrative and inspiring stories from the lives of others. Listen in today to McKay’s words of wisdom and learn how to let go of failure and open your eyes to how you can fail forward.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

·   Beck Weathers’ story

·   Failing forward

·   The 3 truths in life

·   Figuring out your true identity

·   Rachel Smith’s story

·   A healthy way to think about failing in the game of life

·   How to learn from your mistakes


“That day on the mountain I traded my hands for my family and for my future and for the first time in my life I have peace.”

“That day God gave him a gift, an unspeakable gift, to open his eyes to what was most important.”

“One of the greatest obstacles to change is the paralysis we create with self-limiting definitions of who we are.”

“We worry way too much about what others have thought about us in the past.”

“The minute that you start to identify yourself with who you can be in the future, everything changes.”

“In the game of life, it's only half time.”

“You can only control what you choose to do today.”

“Look at it like a camera, objectively assess it, and move forward independently, without emotion, correcting the mistakes that you've made.”

“When a person's way of thinking is anchored in a truth…then that becomes the point from which we relate all things including our failings.”

“You are of immense worth…you have the power within you to make good choices and do hard things and…you are amazing and your potential to make a difference in this world to other people and for good is unlimited.”

“When you can see who you really are, you can be who you really can be.”

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