How to Unleash Your Inner Beast (Part II - Series) - The power of beliefs and the science of momentum with Alfe Corona

The Alfe Corona Podcast

07-08-2022 • 10 minutos

In this episode series of how to unleash your inner beast, we cover the power of beliefs and the science of momentum. Thank you for stopping by! In this podcast we will show you how to become the best version of YOU. How to live a quality of life in your own terms. How does that look like? We provide strategies and tools of titans that have worked for those who are already successful AND fulfilled. This podcast is dedicated to those who don't have mentors, fathers, leaders in their lives. For those who want to level up and don't know how. For the young adult who wants to get a well-paying corporate job. For the person who is following their heart into adding value to others by being an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur. For the mother who is always busy and doesn't have time for herself. For the father who feels left out and in the back seat after having kids and he is focus on providing food on the table and dealing with constant stress. For anyone who wants to be better than yesterday without comparing themselves to others. For military veterans who need clarity. For minorities. For the majority. For those who have all the resources but need a vision. For the bilinguals. For the allies. For those who want to increase their market value. Alfe Corona is a US Navy Submarine Veteran. An entrepreneur. A graduate from Fordham University. Former Googler, Cybersecurity Professional, and a father who lives in North Carolina. Don't forget to share, rate, and review this podcast to increase the search results! We hope we added value to you. Because time is priceless! Thanks for your time!! Website: LinkedIn: IG: @alfe.corona ----------------------------- Special guest: T.D. Jakes - Believing Matters (On YouTube) Special guest: Loris Hernandez Twitter: @coronaalfe FB: @alfe.corona