How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs with Alfe Corona

The Alfe Corona Podcast

11-09-2022 • 19 minutos

Most of us already live a limited life in this world, so why extend that limitation to our beliefs as well? If you accept a limited belief, then, eventually, it will become the truth. Limiting beliefs only serve to keep you in familiar surroundings; they are unconscious thoughts appearing as defense mechanisms to try and curb failure, frustration, or disappointments. These negative thoughts impede our progress toward our life goals. However, this does not need to be the case. Limiting beliefs can be overcome and replaced with more positive messages. You don't have to fall victim to their effects; you can change everything by changing your thinking. The first step toward overcoming your limiting beliefs is to identify them. If you are concerned that there may be multiple limitations, begin with the largest one and then work your way from there. Recognize that your belief may be based on false assumptions, that it is most likely false and merely a belief, not a fact. You must question your belief now that you've realized it's just a belief rather than a fact. Put it to the test by asking questions like; Is this belief supported by evidence? What facts back up your claim? Have I always thought this way? What, if anything, has changed? Is there evidence to contradict my belief? Many of these questions are intended to broaden your understanding of the subject. It trains you to think “outside the box.” When arguing against your own initial thinking, you may realize that it is not exactly what you were thinking, prompting you to shift your paradigm to something more positive and encouraging. You should be aware of the potentially negative consequences because holding on to the belief that you cannot overcome prevents you from passing through it, eventually depriving you of a better life. We fail to achieve our goals because we never accept responsibility for our lives. Often, we prefer to believe that our circumstances are beyond our control and that things simply happen to us. This is known as an external locus of control, and it is a limiting belief in and of itself. To overcome your limiting beliefs, you must first develop an internal locus of control: the belief that life happens for you rather than to you. Ultimately, your fate is determined by your own actions. Life is full of events over which we have no control. But, we can control how we react to them. We can control our emotions, learn from failure, make better decisions, and work toward our goals no matter what. Actions such as positive affirmations present an excellent opportunity to combat limiting beliefs. They can help you transform self-limiting beliefs into positive self-beliefs. For example, if you're telling yourself you're not good enough for a promotion at work, reframe that belief by telling yourself you're a hard worker who deserves to succeed. This way, you can reprogram negative thoughts into positive ones. While this can be done in a variety of ways, saying these words out loud to yourself or others can help reinforce the belief. Lastly, it's important to never give up when limiting beliefs arise. Remember that you are not alone. Everyone has limiting beliefs, including successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and the public figures you admire. For coaching visit Thank you for stopping by! In this podcast we will show you how to become the best version of YOU. How to live a quality of life in your own terms. How does that look like? We provide strategies and tools of titans that have worked for those who are already successful AND fulfilled. This podcast is dedicated to those who don't have mentors, fathers, leaders in their lives. For those who want to level up and don't know how. For the young adult who wants to get a well-paying corporate job. For the person who is following their heart into adding value to others by being an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur. For the mother who is always busy and doesn't have time for