Pop Medieval Ep 42: Eat Me(dieval)

Pop Medieval

03-01-2022 • 32 minutos

Doc sends Nina to cooking school for Christmas (no, this episode is NOT late — technically we’re still within the Christmas season). She recounts her experiences with the hits and misses from her week of feasting. Topics covered: green beans vs broad beans, The Eggnog Riot at West Point, adding fried eggs to meals, Doc’s ill-fated chicken dish, more bean discussion, the dangers of too much dairy, the sin of butter, meals for Lent Recommendations: Eat Medieval (https://eatmedieval.com/) Nina says — Stay as authentic to the recipes as possible if you want to try cooking with the Black Friars. If you have dietary restrictions (like lactose intolerance) these will NOT be the recipes for you. You can, however, replace the meat with vegan options like Beyond Meat or Impossible meat. Eat Clean Bro (https://eatcleanbro.com/) Shieldmaiden in the Kitchen, by Terri Barnes, medieval historian –  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm2Ae34xZXeRD2K2N3LoolQ) See hwaet’s P