To Be a Mentor Guide

Trails to Empowerment

29-10-2019 • 5 minutos

Here Charlie describes what it means to be a mentor guide at Chilcotin Holidays.

How you can benefit from this episode:

  • You will learn what it means to be a mentor guide at Chilcotin Holidays
  • You will understand how mentor guides empower Chilcotin Holidays’ guests by inspiring them on their transformational journey
  • Our mentor guides teach our guests how to care for horses, how to survive in the wilderness, skills which build self-confidence and self-reliance.

At Trails to Empowerment, we strive to empower you on your transformational journey of personal growth by sharing our own experiences with you. We use our Three Pillars of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Self-Development to inspire you to grow and evolve to become your best self. We encourage you to face challenges and push yourself out of your comfort zone, to take responsibility for your self and your environment, to take initiative to make a change, to be independent, yet interdependent in a team. Our community partners are committed to producing high quality content to motivate you on your journey. We also create blogs and videos about our experiences and recommend the books which are central to our philosophy through book reviews on our website. Learn more at our Trails to Empowerment website

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