Jean Haynes: Lessons from a Recovering Good Girl

Your Confident Self

13-02-2018 • 34 minutos

So many women are stuck because they are asking permission to live fully. Is it ok if I shine? If I speak in a meeting? If I leave this bad relationship? We have this yearning for someone to tell us that we’re ok.


  • What a classic good girl is and what her life looks like.
  • The danger in following the rules and following a path that’s not really your own.
  • What happens when you don’t have focus.
  • Why she thought a referral to a life coach meant she was a hot mess.
  • If you find you’re disconnected from who you are, how do you re-connect?
  • How can you tell if your life is broken?
  • How you know where to set boundaries.

Show Notes: