The Boys from Trade Mutt and TIACS. Far Keen Real EPS 15

Far Keen Real

25-05-2023 • 1 hora 2 minutos

Dan and Ed from Trade Mutt speak openly about their own personal journeys with mental health. This brand and mission came about after Dan lost a mate through suicide. These guys are reaching out to the blue-collar industry, exposing the lake of communication around mental health and creating heathy pathways to support those tardies who are seeking support. sit back and be inspired, have a laugh and please shear this link to anyone you know who's a tradie!

Trade Mutt website.

Dan's Ted Talk. Social impact

TIACS. #tradies #bluecollarlife #workplacewellness

Ted Talk. 03:10 Dirty Mike and the Boys. 16:00 How hard it is for builders to ask for help. 24:40 Dans mate (Dan) Taking his life. 26:30 New age working, 4 Day weeks. 34:20 Enjoy the journey. 42:20

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