Unlocking Secrets of Modern Sex | Sticky Fingers with Bec Bucci & Tracey Lee | Episode 27

Far Keen Real

12-10-2023 • 1 hora 21 minutos

This podcast gets juicy right from the get-go. With Bec as a Sexologist and Tracy as a Molecular Biologist, there is nothing left on the table when talking about the topic of Sex.

What sex looks like in the modern era, its impact on our mind and body, our relationship with ourselves, the healthy roles of men, and what it means when we discuss females serving males. And most importantly, what we might be missing out on in the bedroom?

We delve into topics such as mastering orgasm, breathing techniques that can be used with your partner, addressing issues related to masturbation, and exploring the reasons behind the increasing prevalence of erectile dysfunction among our young men. We also touch upon semen retention, ways to spice up relationships, and a recurring theme in many of my podcasts - the experience of being alone.

There's so much more packed into this podcast, so get ready! Both Tracy and Bec are amazing, and I personally gained so much from shooting this episode. It's just one of many more to come. Follow these girls on their podcast – Sticky Fingers.