Fatherhood, Homelessness, Comfort Zone, and Living with ADHD | Luke, Ethan & Danny | Episode 20

Far Keen Real

20-08-2023 • 1 hora 18 minutos

Wow, what a magical podcast with these lads! Ethan runs his own YouTube channel called Dads and Lads Outdoors. His channel conveys a great message for fathers and sons to bond and relish the outdoors. Danny and I are also proud fathers, leading to numerous discussions about being a father in this day and age.

We share our perspectives on topics such as the pressing issue of homelessness in Perth. We explore the complexities of living on the streets and the underlying reasons that lead people to such a lifestyle. Ethan introduces the topic of stepping out of one's "comfort zone" and how he battled depression while existing within that zone. He shares how his mental health changed when he began venturing beyond his familiar boundaries.

The conversation takes an insightful turn as we discuss navigating life with ADHD and ADD. Danny openly shares his ways of effectively managing and enjoying a fruitful life after being diagnosed with ADD.