Conversations about Male Suicide in Australia with Paul and Cam from Men’s Talk | Episode 23

Far Keen Real

08-09-2023 • 1 hora 34 minutos

Discussing the taboo topic of suicide among men in Australia with Paul and Cam from Mens Talk.

In Australia, seven men took their own lives every day. That's more than the number of deaths we have on our roads and, yes, more than the number of people who have died of Covid. The question is, what are we doing about it? How can we support this and decrease the number? If we are facing the situation of knowing someone who's suicidal, how can we approach it?

We discuss all these questions and provide our honest feedback based on our own experiences. As a community, we need to normalise conversations around mental health, especially when it comes to our kids, friends, and loved ones.

There are resources available, and there are plenty of natural therapies. No one should be suffering from these thoughts, so let's work together to make a change.

If anyone is feeling suicidal or having thoughts of suicide, please call Lifeline Australia at 13 11 14.