Newman Redux VII - Edward Keenan (Washington Bureau Chief)

The Bluff

02-02-2022 • 42 minutos

This is a very important Listen!  Our guest has been reporting on events in Washington D.C. during the most politically and socially tumultuous times in America in recent memory.  Events south of the 49th parallel have become more of a concern for Canadians lately, and for many of his readers,  Ed Keenan has been an insightful, clear and articulate voice in a mire of fake news and un-truth in the world today.   Our show covers a number of topics from his beginnings as a writer, to what the job is really all about.  We also cover the way in which information and media has changed over the last decade and the various existential threats that currently face American and Canadian democracy.  I am so happy to have sat down with this guest and friend…our New-man in Washington. Music Credit: Green Piccolo -  Traffic Night EP

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