#038 Creating the Life You Desire

Love Change

19-11-2020 • 37 minutos

Creating the life you desire requires you to know what it is that you are looking for in this lifetime. How about making it more tangible and approaching your next life phase? Living in the 21st century means that we have more options than any generation that has lived before us. Working, traveling, exploring new cultures, everything is possible if you allocate your willpower and energy towards it. How do we know what life we desire?

A big influence on how you experience your day to day life is the geographical location. This implies not only climate, but also flora and fauna, terrain and access to seas and oceans. Narrowly related to the location is the culture in which life takes place, the traditions, habits and underlying values of the society in which you nest yourself.

K and Amor discuss how they came to the requirements for their desired life and reflect upon all their previous experiences in changing locations, careers and lifestyles.

Both have experienced longer periods in different countries like the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Curacao, Poland and Iran.

Join us for the Love Change Podcast as we are exploring the topic of #creatingdesiredlife. We are sharing how it feels to make these decisions and embark on the journey of migrating from Europe to South America.

If you care about connecting on a real and shame-free level, this podcast is filled with taboo-less confessions, laughter as well as some surprising facts about creatung the life you desire.

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