The Session: 10 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

The Session with Tom Russell

30-11-2023 • 24 minutos

With all the activity and stress during this time of year, it's easy to get down.  But there is hope, with a little effort on your part.  Remember - we serve a big God who knows and understands!  Take your burden to Him!

Ball State University’s Counseling Center released 10 ways to beat the holiday blues.

  • Lower your expectations and accept that no holiday gathering is perfect
  • Make a holiday budget and stick to it
  • Express your feelings by writing in a journal or talking with someone you trust
  • Make a plan and realistically structure your time
  • Reach out help others by volunteering through your community or church
  • Watch your alcohol consumption, since it is a depressant
  • Exercise by taking a walk or doing yoga. Such activities will help release endorphins, the natural opiates
  • Stick to your usual eating habits. Plan your meals and try not to consume too much at holiday parties
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t have to have the best light display in the neighborhood or the best party
  • Think about what is the most important part of the holidays for you and focus on what the holidays mean to you

Therapist also advise if you feel depressed for more than two weeks seek professional advice.