The Session: Helping the Pastor's Spouse

The Session with Tom Russell

19-10-2023 • 25 minutos

In this episode, Scott & Tom talk about the unique challenges a Pastor's spouse face.  As you think about how to honor your Pastor this Pastor Appreciation Month, consider how you can  support your Pastor's spouse.

The Session:  Helping the Pastor’s Spouse

Lord of peace, may You give our pastor(s) and their families peace at all times and in every way (2 Thess. 3:16).

Support your spouse without being the assistant pastor.

1.   Be a loving, supportive spouse

2.   Do not neglect the training of your children.

3.   Take care of your home.

The Unique Challenges

·  Living under constant scrutiny

·  Unrealistic expectations

·  Perfect social behavior

·  Thorough knowledge of the Bible

·  Attendance at all meetings

·  Ready entertainer

·  Spiritual giant

The Unique Circumstances

·  Limited finances

·  The demands of church members

·  Loneliness

·  Absent Spouse

How to Succeed As a Pastor’s Spouse

·  Love and accept yourself.

·  Concentrate on being the best you can be.

·  Have realistic expectations of yourself.

·  Build your own spiritual life.

·  Work on self-improvement.

·  Love and accept your spouse.

·  Try to understand your spouse’s ministry.

·  Decide on what you are comfortable doing in your church.