#27 - Virtual Reality Training at Scale

Die Lernkurve

19-12-2022 • 28 minutos

After Facebook was rebranded to "Meta" in 2021, the topic of the “Metaverse” has received increased attention and has moved into the focus of many companies. How can we set the groundwork to build an enterprise metaverse, and why is now the right time for companies to experiment with VR headsets? What do video games and Pokémon Go have in common with VR learnings? Host Dirk Schwendt talks about all this with Bob Gerard, Learning Ingenuity Lead at Accenture (California), in the 27th episode of our podcast "Die Lernkurve". The episode is in english language - Host: [Dirk Schwendt](https://linkedin.com/in/dirk-schwendt-8a55801a8) - Guest: [Bob Gerard](https://www.linkedin.com/in/bob-gerard-b981351/) - Related must-hear:[The Learning Geeks Podcast](https://www.learninggeekspod.com/)