Opt-Out Of Accepting Crumbs

Black Girl Burnout

23-02-2022 • 16 minutos

Welcome to Black Girl Burn Out with Kelley. Today I want to talk to you about Opting out of repeatedly accepting “Crumbs” in the workplace. How many times have you been overqualified for a position, yet agreed to crumbs for compensation? So often, Black Women are underpaid, undervalued, unseen, and unheard in the workplace. If you are ready to opt into the feast of financial abundance that you are entitled to, this episode is for you. Here is my question to you, are you ready for positive “self-value” driven empowerment strategies that can prepare you for your next performance evaluation? Let’s talk about it.Feel free to join the Amplify Voices Community. Text your questions and comments to +1 (310) 582-5216. We would love to hear from you.

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