Opt Out of Being Tired

Black Girl Burnout

06-02-2023 • 15 minutos

Welcome to the Black Girl Burnout Podcast. In this episode, Kelley starts out with a question, Are You Tired? Are you aligned with what is causing you to feel exhausted? So many black women have been raised in the presence of mothers and grandmothers who have lived their whole lives, exhausted. However, today’s episode is all about ways to transform from fatigued to energized. Your life does not have to be one of endless illness and exhaustion. If you are sick and tired of literally being Sick and Tired, today’s episode is for you. By releasing guilt and setting healthy boundaries, you can live the life of Abundance and Joy that you deserve. More, more, and still more is within your reach in 2023. Tune in today and ready yourself to release the mentality of exhaustion as the norm, and rather enjoy the “now” of an energized and healthy life:) If you haven't already done so, Subscribe Today! If this podcast resonates with you we 💓reviews! We would sincerely appreciate 5 Star reviews on Apple Podcast & Spotify:) Stay engaged! Follow us on social media: Facebook, IG, YT, TikTok: @blackgirlburnout Twitter: @blkgirlburnout Stay informed! Subscribe to our newsletter : www.blackgirlburnout.com Want To Partner With Black Girl Burnout: sponsorships@blackgirlburnout.com

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