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Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

26-12-2022 • 1 minuto

We are Claudia and Diana; two sisters who form the brand Shining Light.

Our inspiration for the business stemmed from the challenges we both faced in our lives from our IVF story.

The emotions which accompany the infertility journey were very overwhelming and difficult at times, however through the use of journals and positive affirmations that we both adopted we were able to believe that we had the inner strength to overcome any challenge life threw at us. In the end we both ever so grateful and fortunate to be Mums of one child each … our Shining Lights.

We are now navigating the territory of the teenage years and the influences that impact today’s youth. More than ever this focuses a light on the need to enhance our children to be resilient and confident with a strong sense of self-worth.

In essence, our business Shining Light aims at providing inspiration and promoting positive affirmations to all individuals to help them shine in their journey. Most importantly we all need to love and accept ourselves and others just the way we are.

As individual women, sisters and mothers our business mantra ultimately focuses on providing positive inspiration to all individuals including being kind to one self.  For us our message is simply about:

  • Supporting  each other and each others dreams . We believe that when one shines we all shine
  • Its about living your best life
  • Its about never stop dreaming and letting your dreams being your wings
  • Its about believing that  you are never too old to start something new or have a new adventure
  • Its about Its about being your awesome self and being true to yourself
  • Its about acknowledging that life is complicated and that you have to learn to be happy right now and not wait for things to get better.. You simply need go just go ahead and take that chance …there is never a right time.
  • Its about having happy thoughts and being kind to yourself and others
  • Its about being yourself and accepting yourself as you who you and what size you are and ignoring negative comments from others
  • Its about being responsible for your inner voice  and making sure it is filled with constructive thoughts and not destructive thoughts that are filled with fear of failure .
  • Its about taking a chance on things and giving it a go in life .
  • Its about acknowledging that you will eventually get through the darkness and the light will shine again
  • Its about when all else fails BREATHING  in and out and give yourself a break and acknowledging  your doing the best you can .

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