The Australian – Italian Travel Podcast Series – Planning your overseas trip with your Australian Children to visit the Italian relatives and tour Europe: Part 2

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

27-09-2023 • 1 hora 8 minutos

Join me, your host Claudia Callisto, as I sit down with my good friends Luisa and Laura for an intimate chat about our unique travel experiences as first-generation Australian-Italians. We explore the fascinating journey of travelling overseas to visit Italian relatives and discuss if it's a rite of passage for Australian-Italian children. We share our funny and challenging moments, our favourite locations and sites, and provide some practical tips for planning a destination overseas.

In this fascinating discussion, Luisa and Laura open up about their recent trip to Europe and the incredible coastal region of Bibione. We discuss the challenges they faced while travelling, the meticulous research and planning involved, and how the trip impacted their children. The girls share their experiences of travelling at different stages of their children's lives, and the benefits they have seen from these experiences. They also share the importance of introducing their children to their ancestral homeland.

Listen in as we discuss the art of packing efficiently for a family trip, and share strategies for only taking the essentials. We also touch on the importance of taking direct flights to save money and the significance of factoring in check-in and check-out times when planning flights.

Finally, we chat about the importance of maintaining connections with our Italian relatives and how these connections have shaped our identity. Whether you're planning your own trip to Italy or just love to travel, this episode is packed with valuable insights and hilarious stories.

--------- EPISODE CHAPTERS ---------

(0:00:04) - Australian-Italian Travel Podcast Series

We discuss Italian relatives, first-gen Australian-Italian experiences, funny and difficult moments, and practical tips for overseas travel.

(0:11:46) - Traveling in Europe and Tour Experiences

Luisa and Laura discussed their trip to Bibione, the challenges of travelling with six people, and Luisa’s research and planning.

(0:23:50) - European Trips' Impact on Children

Luisa and Laura discuss reconnecting with family, travelling with their own and other families, and planning trips to Europe with their children.

(0:33:55) - Experiences in Italy

Luisa and Laura share their experiences travelling, shopping, people watching, and funny stories with their kids.

(0:39:50) - Packing Tips for Traveling

Luisa and Laura share travel tips, such as packing, pre-ordering snacks, and utilising lounge benefits.

(0:45:02) - Travel Packing Tips and Strategies

Packing efficiently for a family trip, taking direct flights, and humorous stories are discussed.

(0:57:05) - Challenges of Traveling and Maintaining Connections

Luisa and Laura discuss efficient packing, amusing shopping trips, and introducing their kids to their ancestral homeland.

(1:07:38) - Practical Tips and Cultural Insights

Luisa and Laura plan trips, discuss homesteads, shopping at Gucci, and their travels to Bibione, Italy.

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